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First 215 results for ” E Rol”

  1. Spectuculaire rolwolk

    R van Dorland | published | Zenit | 2004


  2. On the role of the MJO in exciting El Niño

    GJ van Oldenborgh | published | ECMWF | no


  3. The role of the tropics in climate

    GHL Verver | published | tijdschrift \'Interactie\', AdeK Univ. Suriname | 2007


  4. The absence of a role of climate change in the 2011 Thailand floods

    GJ van Oldenborgh, A van Urk, MR Allen | published | Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. | 2012 | 93


  5. Advancements in decadal climate predictability: the role of non-oceanic drivers

    Progresses in understanding the role of sea-ice, land surface, stratosphere and aerosols in decad...

    A Bellucci, RJ Haarsma, N Bellouin, B Booth, C Cagnazzo, B van den Hurk, N Keenlyside, T Koenigk, F Massonnet, S Materia, M Weiss | published | Reviews of Geophysics | 2015