Jannes Wiersema
Jannes Wiersema

Improved potential wind time series for extreme wind statistics

In 2009, the study "Improving potential wind for extreme wind statistics" by Wever and Groen was completed. This study was done in close cooperation with Waterdienst and Deltares. Based on 10-minute data, that are being stored on an operational basis sinc

The study is described in KNMI Scientific Report WR2009-02, which can be downloaded here.

Additional to the report, potential wind time series used in the study are available for download from this page.

20090515_update_msr.zip: Hourly values of measured wind speed at sensor height.
20090515_HYDRA_up.zip: Hourly values of potential wind speed, based on the original algorithm as used in the HYDRA project (gustiness-analysis).
20090515_update_up.zip: Hourly values of potential wind speed, based on the new algorithm for deriving ECFs (sigma-analysis).

Note: please check carefully which value of reference roughness length the data is based on, as this may vary between both algorithms for some stations. This information can be found in the header of each data file. The data can be easily translated to other reference roughness lengths, as described in report WR2009-02.

Filename Changed Size
20090515_HYDRA_up.zip 2010-10-01 62.7M
20090515_update_msr.zip 2010-10-01 61.0M
20090515_update_up.zip 2010-10-01 62.6M
20100407_HYDRA_up.zip 2010-10-01 63.8M
20100407_update_msr.zip 2010-10-01 62.1M
20100407_update_up.zip 2010-10-01 63.7M
20140307_update_up.zip 2014-03-07 55.0M


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