Internationale klimaatportalen en datasets

KNMI werkt in internationaal verband samen in veel klimaatprojecten, onder andere over het ontsluiten van de beschikbare klimaatdata. Op deze pagina is een overzicht gegeven van veelgebruikte datasets en portalen.   

Klimaatdata portalen met tools voor visualisatie en analyse

  • Climate Data Store (Copernicus Climate Change Services, C3S): (registration needed, but services free). Many options to access, visualize, process and analyse climate data with the Toolbox (also API available). Also several applications available. Developed for broad range of users.
  • Climate Explorer(registration needed, but services free). Many options to access, visualize, process and analyse climate data (station data, climate model projections, re-analysis). Developped for climate researchers
  • Climate4Impact portal:  (registration needed, but services free). Portal to access, visualize and process climate data. Developped for climate researchers and climate impact researchers.
  • Climate data guide: With a variety of tools for climate data processing and with summaries, metadata, a comparison table and links to a large number of temperature datasets.
  • ECA&D and ICA&D: European and International Climate Assessment Databases: Collects information on station observations in different parts of the world. Where the daily observations are not freely available, often derived indices and trends are freely available (for non-commercial use). Part of the functionalities is moved to Copernicus Climate Change Services websites.
  • IPCC DCC: Data Distribution Centre: With observational datasets and climate model simulations used for the various Assessment reports. Also guidance material available.


  • IPCC Glossary: With many terms related to climate data, climate and climate change.
  • General information about climate data: C3S User Learning Services: Portal for on-line learning about many aspects of climate data. Freely available, only registration needed. Related to the Climate Data Store of C3S. For those with little knowledge about climate data the lesson/resource on “Introduction to climate data” may be a good introduction. Or one of the lessons:
    • Climate change uncertainties
    • Data resources: introduction
    • Data resources: observations
    • Data resources: re-analysis
    • Data resources: climate models
    • Using climate models for climate scenarios
  • Common Climate Data Formats in the Climate Data Guide
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