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A scintillation experiment over a forest

W. Kohsiek

Scintillation measurements were carried out on a path of 1640 m over an inhomogeneous forest.
The objective was to study the relation between locally observed heat fluxes over a Douglas fir stand, and area average heat fluxes derived from the scintillometer. It was found that the application of the scintillation technique was hampered by two factors: uncertainty regarding the scaling of the dimensionless temperature structure parameter at near-neutral atmospheric stability, and second, uncertainty regarding the effective height of the optical path over the forest. Because of these limitations, no definite answer on the representativeness of the local measurements could be given.

Bibliografische gegevens

W. Kohsiek . A scintillation experiment over a forest
KNMI number: WR-92-04, Year: 1992, Pages: 14

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