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ADM-Aeolus Quasi Real-Time and Near Real-Time Wind Profiles

A Stoffelen

ESA’s Atmospheric Dynamics Mission (ADM), called Aeolus, is to launch the first spaceborne Doppler Wind Lidar in 2011 and operate it for three years. The observed wind component profiles of radiosonde quality as to be measured by ADM-Aeolus are important to initialize Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models on the smaller scales and in the tropics and are particularly lacking over the ocean and in the southern hemisphere. So, for regional forecasting in Europe, the Arctic, North Atlantic, Mediteranean Sea, Africa and some eastern countries lack a dense wind profile observation network. Therefore, ESA makes an effort to organize a Quasi Real-Time (QRT)delivery of a portion of the Aeolus L1B measurement profiles (L1B) within 30 minutes. For southern hemisphere, tropical and descending Aeolus orbits Near Real-Time (NRT)delivery will be achieved. However, QRT delivery of Aeolus wind profiles (L2B) is not yet foreseen by ESA. This paper outlines the needs for a central QRT and NRT delivery, in particular for regional NWP forecasting. EUMETSAT is requested to support such service for ADM-Aeolus in preparation of future operational DWL missions

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A Stoffelen. ADM-Aeolus Quasi Real-Time and Near Real-Time Wind Profiles
Year: 2009

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