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An efficient training scheme for supermodels

Francine J. Schevenhoven, Frank M. Selten

Weather and climate models have improved steadily over time as witnessed by objective skill scores, although significant model errors remain. Given these imperfect models, predictions might be improved by combining them dynamically into a so-called supermodel. In this paper a new training scheme to construct such a supermodel is explored using a technique called cross pollination in time (CPT). In the CPT approach the models exchange states during the prediction. The number of possible predictions grows quickly with time, and a strategy to retain only a small number of predictions, called pruning, needs to be developed. The method is explored using low-order dynamical systems and applied to a global atmospheric model. The results indicate that the CPT training is efficient and leads to a supermodel with improved forecast quality as compared to the individual models. Due to its computational efficiency, the technique is suited for application to state-of-the art high-dimensional weather and climate models.

Bibliografische gegevens

Francine J. Schevenhoven, Frank M. Selten. An efficient training scheme for supermodels
Journal: Earth System Dynamics, Volume: 8, Year: 2017, First page: 429, Last page: 438, doi: https://doi.org/10.5194/esd-8-429-2017

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