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ATLID Algorithms and Level 2 System Aspects: Task Report 1

GJ van Zadelhoff, DP Donovan, S Berthier

This document presents the work performed within Task 1 of the ATLAS project.
Within ATLAS, several L2a lidar algorithms cloud and/or aerosol retrievals (and one synergistic L2b algorithm) will be developed for the EarthCARE satellite. The aim of Task 1 was to review the CASPER output regarding the ATLAS products and
algorithms, to update the relevant CASPER work and to recommend the type of algorithms to be created within ATLAS.

The output from the task is divided into three documents. The Product and Algorithm Requirement Document (PARD) which presents the product requirements as well as corresponding requirements for recommended, the Algorithm Development Plan
(ADP) describing the time line in which the algorithms will be developed and, this current document (Task report 1). In this document, a summary of the work performed within the different work packages is presented followed by a literature
review focusing on the literature related to the algorithms to be developed within ATLAS. Finally a summary of the algorithms recommended for development is given.

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GJ van Zadelhoff, DP Donovan, S Berthier. ATLID Algorithms and Level 2 System Aspects: Task Report 1
Year: 2010

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