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Biennial Scientific Report 2003 – 2004


In February 2004 an international committee reviewed KNMI’s research pro- gramme. This committee identified many research efforts of high international quality, but also made some suggestions for improvement. Notably, the need for an improved relationship between research and services in all three areas, weather, climate and seismology, and the need to improve the synergy between weather and climate research, particularly in the field of model development. At the time of writing of this Introduction actions are being taken to implement these recommendations.

This fifth Biennial Report presents 15 research highlights, followed by overviews of publications per Division. New, this edition, is the bringing together of weather, climate and seismological research in one single document. We hope this new format contributes to an improved presentation of the research conducted at KNMI.

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KNMI. Biennial Scientific Report 2003 – 2004
KNMI number: KNMI-publicatie-209, Year: 2004, Pages: 88

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