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Central Sudan surface wind data and climate characteristics

E.H. Abu Bakr

Since the last decade the modelling of the tropical boundary layer is an outstanding problem, due to the special mechanisms governing the air flow in the tropical regions, (different from the air flow mechanisms In temperate-latitude) such as large temperature variations and the monsoon phenomena. The enormous demand for wind energy in tropical regions is the main reason for this investigation, to estimate the wind speed using the tropical boundary layer physies.

In this article we represent a representative data set from a reference data base which is used for developing a boundary layer model for tropical regions. The representative region selected for this investigation is an area of 56,000 sq. km around Khartoum, Sudan. Some reasons for this choice are:
1. The surroundings of Khartoum are homogeneous and reasonably flat savannah over large distances. In this region there are four meteorological stations with useful wind data, so the station density is acceptable for quality control.
2. Application of wind energy in this area is estimated to be economical, and the region is much in need of water pumping for irrigation and drinking water.

Various procedures applied to obtain a homogeneous wind data base are presented, such as rellability checks, azimuth-dependent exposure correction, and correction for standard height. The characteristies of climate in this region is discussed, especially the passage of the Intertropical Convergence Zone and its influence on the wind regime.

The wind data used in this investigation have been supplied by the Khartoum Meteorological Office. The stations dealt with are: Khartoum airport station, Shambat station, Wad Madani station and Atbara station.

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E.H. Abu Bakr . Central Sudan surface wind data and climate characteristics
KNMI number: WR-88-01, Year: 1988, Pages: 54

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