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Citizen Science Meets Remote Sensing

Satellite-derived surface concentrations of NO2
Average surface NO2 concentrations during the measurement campaign (17 March to 14 April 2023) derived from TROPOMI observations using the NO2 Palmes tube data
Bas Mijling, Hester Volten, Dorien Dorresteijn

Monitoring air pollution is key to a better awareness of the size, seriousness and impacts of the problem. Unfortunately, air quality monitoring stations are expensive. Our pilot project explores the added value of citizen science measurements combined with satellite measurements. This approach can draw attention to the problem of air pollution and empower citizens to address it.

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Bas Mijling, Hester Volten, Dorien Dorresteijn. Citizen Science Meets Remote Sensing
Year: 2023, Other information:

Published in Tijdschrift Milieu 2023-5, November 2023, Special issue Theme Clean Air for Europe

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