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Description of Work FP7 project Enabling CLimate Information Services for Europe - ECLISE

RF van Oss

Climate and climate change has high impact on society. Better understanding and improved prediction skills of
future weather and climate is vital to protect lives, goods and infrastructures. Different sectors of society and
infrastructure are more or less designed to accommodate the current level of climate variability. The prospect of
a changing climate necessitates adapting these designs. To prevent high costs, it is of paramount importance
that the most reliable and accurate climate information is used to underpin the development of new adaptation
In response to this need, climate scientists, in close cooperation with climate impact specialists, have started
to generate and provide information on future climate projections, aimed at supporting adaptation policies.
These efforts are often organized at a national level and, at present, differ considerably in the methods used
and the level of user involvement. It has been recognized (WMO-WCC3, EU White paper on Adaptation) that
coordination of climate services at an international level would greatly advance the benefits of climate science
for adaptation policies. This effort must find a way to deal with the strong local nature of climate impacts and
adaptation needs.
The central objective of ECLISE is to take the first step towards the realisation of a European Climate Service.
ECLISE is a European effort in which researchers, in close cooperation with users, develop and demonstrate
local climate services to support climate adaption policies. It does so by providing climate services for several
climate-vulnerable regions in Europe, organized at a sectorial level: coastal defence, cities, water resources
and energy production. Furthermore, ECLISE will define, in conceptual terms, how a pan-European Climate
Service could be developed in the future, based on experiences from the aforementioned local services and the
involvement of a broader set of European decision makers and stakeholders.

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RF van Oss. Description of Work FP7 project Enabling CLimate Information Services for Europe - ECLISE
Year: 2011

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