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EC-EARTH Science and Implementation Plan

Wilco Hazeleger, EC-EARTH consortium

There is an increasing need for meteorological institutes and academic institutions to inform policy makers on climate change and to provide quantitative climate information. The climate projections are used for developing mitigation and adaptation strategies. However, there is still large uncertainty on the degree of climate predictability and on interactions between components in the earth system. This requires more research to unravel the feedbacks and quantify the uncertainties. A modeling system of the earth system is required to provide quantitative projections and to perform research on climate predictability and earth system feedbacks . This report describes the motivation and implementation plan for using the modeling system of the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) for these purposes.

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Wilco Hazeleger, EC-EARTH consortium. EC-EARTH Science and Implementation Plan
KNMI number: KNMI-publicatie-217, Year: 2007, Pages: 22

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