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ERA15 seen from the ocean

A Sterl, H Bonekamp, GJ Komen

The air-sea fluxes of ERA15 have been used to drive wave and ocean models. The results of the wave model revealed that ERA15 lacked wind strength peaks, whereby the monthly mean winds were at most 5% too low. The results can be used further for studies of the wave climate.
The large uncertainties in the quality of ocean models mean that no quantitative statements can be made about ERA15 heat fluxes. It was, however, possible to show that the ERA15 data can be used to generate realistic variability in ocean models.

Bibliografische gegevens

A Sterl, H Bonekamp, GJ Komen. ERA15 seen from the ocean
Journal: Change, Volume: 58, Year: 2001, First page: 14, Last page: 16

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