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Evaluation of a radio interferometry lightning positioning system

H.R.A. Wessels

Results from a SAFIR lightning positioning system covering the Netherlands are analysed and compared with observer reports as well as with simultaneous registrations from a LPATS lightning detection network.

The median location accuracy of individual flashes is shown to be about 2 km. The capability of detection is acceptable at short range but diminishes strongly beyond about 150 km. The occurrence of false alarms is negligible.

Although the system is effective in detecting ground as well as intracloud discharges, the capability to distinguish between both types is limmited.

The report also discusses some statistical results on thunderstorm flashing behaviour and on estimated lightning parameters.
Instrumental data over the period 1974-1997 are summarized, showing the average lightning density in the Netherlands to be about 1.5 per square km per year.

Bibliografische gegevens

H.R.A. Wessels. Evaluation of a radio interferometry lightning positioning system
KNMI number: WR-98-04, Year: 1998, Pages: 26

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