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From Pulse to Product: Highlights of the digital-IF upgrade of the Dutch national radar network

H Beekhuis, I Holleman

In 2007 KNMI has successfully upgraded the Dutch radar network. The digital receivers and data processing equipment integrated in our METEOR 360AC radar sensors (SELEX SI) and the product processing, in our central computer facilities, are currently in full operation.

In the presentation highlights of this upgrade project will be discussed with a focus on basic radar processing. To name some:

1) KNMI operates a multi-parameter scan-schedule allowing the generation of a 14 elevation volume scan on a 5 minute cycle. For all elevations in this volume scan, the parameters can be chosen independently. The sensor is capable of processing all moments (uZ,Z,V,W) simultaneously.

2) The KNMI ground clutter processing scheme has been overhauled completely and it is now applied on polar volume data. Preliminary results indicate that this filter still outperforms the standard Doppler clutter filters due to its unique area integration.

3) Data are sent to the central Radar Product Processor on a per PPI basis, and thus lag times due to transmission are minimal. As a benefit we can offer access to volume data to facilitate research and development, and for future operational use and exchange of volume data.

4) The centralized Radar Product Processor
(Rainbow 5) is used for the product generation and configuration control of our local sensors. In addition it performs compositing of local and European radar data. The Product Processor is extended with user maintainable input and output converters (BUFR, HDF5).

5) HDF5 is the KNMI internal standard for operational products and volume data. The advantages of the HDF5 format for research, maintenance, and fault finding will be highlighted.

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H Beekhuis, I Holleman. From Pulse to Product: Highlights of the digital-IF upgrade of the Dutch national radar network
Conference: ERAD 5, Place: Helsinki, Year: 2008, First page: 0, Last page: 0

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