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Global evaluation of SCIAMACHY and MOPITT carbon monoxide column differences for 2004-2005

ATJ de Laat, et al.

This paper presents a detailed global comparison of SCIAMACHY and MOPITT carbon monoxide (CO) column measurements for the years 2004 and 2005. Qualitatively, spatio-temporal variations of SCIAMACHY and MOPITT are similar.

Quantitative comparisons have been performed taking the effects of instrument-noise errors, vertical sensitivities via the averaging kernel and a priori, different spatio-temporal sampling and clouds into account using simulated CO profiles from the TM4 model.

SCIAMACHY and MOPITT CO columns are similar over tropical, subtropical and Northern Hemisphere oceans as well as over boreal regions where SCIAMACHY and MOPITT agree to within 10% or 2×1017 molecules/cm2

The shortwave-infrared SCIAMACHY observations also provide information about lower tropospheric CO in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions north of 60°N, where the MOPITT sensitivity is strongly reduced.

South of 45°S SCIAMACHY CO columns are 3-5×1017 molecules/cm2 smaller than MOPITT CO columns. Approximately 1.5×1017 molecules/cm2 (~10%) of this difference is attributed to a bias in the SCIAMACHY CO columns, which is currently under investigation. The remaining difference is possibly related to MOPITT biases in this region.

In the transition from oceans to dry desert regions, MOPITT CO total columns show a rapid increase of approximately 3×1017 molecules/cm2 (~15%). While MOPITT and SCIAMACHY agree over oceans, MOPITT is approximately 5×1017 molecules/cm2 (~25%) larger than SCIAMACHY results over dry land regions. The origin of this bias needs further investigation.

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ATJ de Laat, et al.. Global evaluation of SCIAMACHY and MOPITT carbon monoxide column differences for 2004-2005
Status: published, Journal: J. Geophys. Res., Year: 2009

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