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P.C.T. van der Hoeven en W.N. Lablans

This report is a revision of the Scientific Report W.R. 74-14. Soil temperature measurements at nine stations in the sw of The Netherlands and at De Bilt are given for the period 1962-1973. For De Bilt, monthly mean values and variances for the period
1961-1980 are included as well.

A number of practical problems and questions are discussed. A short survey of the theory of heat transport in the soil
is presented, including a 100-layer computer-model for the calculation of soil temperature and heat flux response to a forcing temperature wave at the surface.

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P.C.T. van der Hoeven en W.N. Lablans. Grondtemperaturen
KNMI number: WR-92-05, Year: 1992, Pages: 59

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