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Hydrological simulations in the Rhine basin

B van den Hurk, J Beersma, G Lenderink

Simulations with regional climate models (RCMs), carried out for the Rhine basin, have been analyzed in the context of implications of the possible future discharge of the Rhine river. In a first analysis, the runoff generated by the RCMs is compared to observations, in order to detect the way the RCMs treat anomalies in precipitation in their land surface component. A second analysis is devoted to the frequency distribution of area averaged precipitation, and the impact of selection of various driving global climate models. Keywords: Regional climate modelling; hydrological budget; Rhine basin

Bibliografische gegevens

B van den Hurk, J Beersma, G Lenderink. Hydrological simulations in the Rhine basin
Status: published, Journal: Water Science and Technology, Volume: 51, Year: 2005, First page: 1, Last page: 4

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