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Joint standard Grid (X_JSG) Software Requirements Specification

DP Donovan, GJ van Zadelhoff

This document describes the software requirements associated with the implementationd of the X_JSG L2 Algorithm.

The Joint-Standard-Grid (JSG) provides a standard grid to facilitate the efficient synergetic use of EarthCARE data (L2b) as well as the use of different single-instrument (L2a) products. This product shall ensure that the radar (CPR), lidar (ATLID) and Multi Spectral Imager (MSI) are coordinated such that they are observing the same column of the atmosphere. Further a consistent horizontalgrid is defined, encompassing the MSI measurements. Both the meteorological variables (X-MET) and merged observations product (AMB-MO) will be provided on the JSG grid.

Bibliografische gegevens

DP Donovan, GJ van Zadelhoff. Joint standard Grid (X_JSG) Software Requirements Specification
Year: 2012

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