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KNMI HDF5 Data Format Specification, v3.5

H Roozekrans, I Holleman

In this document the HDF5 Data format as implemented within KNMI is described. The implementation of the file format described in this document is based on HDF version 5.0 (HDF5). KNMI has based its definition of HDF5 on the MEOS-HDF format of Kongsberg Spacetec. MEOS (Multi-mission Earth Observation System) is Kongsberg Spacetec's line of systems for earth observation satellites ground stations. Spacetec is the builder of KNMI's Omnivoor/Beelden image database system. The purpose of the KNMI HDF5 Data Format is to store the (image) data in a platform independent and self-contained way. The HDF5 Data Format as described in this document is implemented in the image data infrastructure of KNMI (BIK) for all EUMETSAT and NOAA satellite data, weather radar data, and lightning image data.

Bibliografische gegevens

H Roozekrans, I Holleman. KNMI HDF5 Data Format Specification, v3.5
KNMI number: IR-2003-05, Year: 2003

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