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Near-shore scatterometer wind product

GJ Marseille, A Stoffelen

This document describes the work done for the EU-funded project MyWave Task 2.2 (Coastal wind products and their impact
on wave forecasts) subtask 2.2.1: Near-shore scatterometer wind product, as part of MyWave
WP2: Data assimilation and improvement of both model and satellite near shore winds and
waves. The main objective of subtask 2.2.1 is to collect satellite winds, from scatterometer
instruments, near European coastal regions for selected periods. The resulting dataset is used
in subtasks 2.2.2 (Near-shore forecasts with assimilation of near-shore scatterometer) and
2.2.3 (Cross-validation of satellite data, in-situ observations and wave-forecasts).
Section II discusses the selected periods for evaluation and the availability of scatterometer
winds for these periods. Section III discusses the relatively new ASCAT scatterometer coastal
product with optimal coverage in coastal regions. Section IV shows some typical examples of
model and observed wind fields for the selected periods.

Bibliografische gegevens

GJ Marseille, A Stoffelen. Near-shore scatterometer wind product
Year: 2013

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