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OceanSat-2 wind scatterometer calibration and validation

ACM Stoffelen, A Verhoef

The Oceansat 2 scatterometer backscatter and wind data have been evaluated. The backscatter data appear to be of good quality and only small calibration issues remain. The winds have been compared to ECMWF model and buoy winds. The ISRO wind data quality is reasonable, but does not yet meet the OSI SAF accuracy standards. Ad hoc calibration to mimic the SeaWinds backscatter PDF allows wind processing by well-tuned SeaWinds wind processing modules at KNMI and results in good winds above a few m/s. Correction of the backscatter processing at low backscatter values is expected to generally further improve low wind processing and is ongoing.

Bibliografische gegevens

ACM Stoffelen, A Verhoef. OceanSat-2 wind scatterometer calibration and validation
Conference: EUMETSAT Satellite Conference, Organisation: EUMETSAT, Place: Oslo, Year: 2011, First page: 0, Last page: 0

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