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Parallel air temperature measurements at the KNMI observatory in De Bilt (the Netherlands) May 2003 - June 2005

Theo Brandsma

From May 2003 through June 2005 a field experiment has been carried out at the
observatory of KNMI in De Bilt, as part of the KNMI-program 'Hisklim' (HIStorical
CLIMate). The original objectives of the experiment were: (1) to study the
representativeness of the current operational air temperature measurement site, and
(2) to explore the possibility of using present-day parallel measurements to correct
for inhomogeneities, caused by changes in the surroundings and a relocation of the
thermometer screen in 1951. At five sites, including the operational site,
temperature and wind speed were measured at a height of 1.5 m, using identical
instruments and set-up. The temperature differences between the sites have been
studied in connection with the local wind speed and other weather variables. Initial
results for the period May 2003-April 2004 have already been published in an interim
report (Brandsma, 2004).
During the experiment, a significant renovation of the area only 12 m west of the
operational temperature screen took place in September/October 2004. The
renovation introduced an inhomogeneity in the temperature measurements at the
operational site, which was used as the reference site for the interim report. As a
result, in this final report another reference site (Test4) has been chosen and the end
date of the experiment was extended from April 2005 to June 2005 to have sufficient
overlap time. This report presents the results of the whole period of the experiment
(May 2003 - June 2005).
In September 2008 the operational site DB260 (06260) was relocated to the Test4
site (the reference site in this report). Both sites are considered in this report.
Although this report is not meant to describe the effect of this relocation, the results
presented here do give an indication of the effects of this relocation on the
temperature measurements. A detailed study of the effects of the relocation will be
described in a separate publication.

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Theo Brandsma. Parallel air temperature measurements at the KNMI observatory in De Bilt (the Netherlands) May 2003 - June 2005
KNMI number: WR-11-01, Year: 2011, Pages: 56

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