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Product Description KNMI14 Daily Grids

Dr. R. Sluiter

The KNMI14 daily grids datasets contain interpolated daily maps of precipitation and Makkink evaporation observations for the reference period 1981-2010 and daily maps based on transformed data according to the KNMI14 climate scenarios.

The datasets cover the entire area of the Netherlands including the Wadden Sea, IJsselmeer and estuaries in Zeeland. The grid size is 1 km.

The datasets have been initially produced for the Netherlands Hydrological Instrument (NHI). The methods used induce some important dataset limitations which are addressed in section 4.

Bibliografische gegevens

Dr. R. Sluiter. Product Description KNMI14 Daily Grids
KNMI number: TR-346, Year: 2014, Pages: 14

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