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Progress in Joint OSSEs

M Masutani, A Stoffelen, GJ Marseille, et al.

OSSE will be conducted by various scientists with different interests. Some are investigating the potential applications of particular instruments. Others may want to aid in the design of a global observing system. Operational centers such as NCEP will perform the role of finding a balance among conflicting interests to seek an actual improvement in weather predictions.

The experience of recent OSSEs also demonstrated that OSSEs often produce unexpected results. Theoretical prediction of the data impact and a theoretical backing for the OSSE results are very important. On the other hand, unpredicted OSSE results stimulate further theoretical investigation. When all efforts come together, OSSEs will help with timely and reliable recommendations for future observing systems. At the same time, OSSEs will prepare for the operational DAS to promote the prompt and effective use of observations

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M Masutani, A Stoffelen, GJ Marseille, et al.. Progress in Joint OSSEs
Conference: AMS 18th conference on Numerical Weather Prediction, Organisation: AMS, Place: Parkcity UT, USA, Year: 2007, First page: 0, Last page: 0

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