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Recent developments in KNMI’s surface observing methods

MJ de Haij, WMF Wauben

Meteorological measurements are essential in meteorology and climatology and are core task of KNMI. The R&D Information and Observation Technology Division (I-RD) works continually on improvements of KNMI’s observation infrastructure.

Concerning surface observations ongoing activities are related to: (i) selecting, introducing and accepting sensor replacements for sensors that are at the end of their life cycle; (ii) selection and evaluation of sensors that use measurement techniques with economical or quality advantages; (iii) investigate sensor behaviour and data processing in order to solve known shortcomings; (iv) exploration and evaluation of new sensors that are a potential source of additional information. Below three highlights of ongoing activities are given that illustrate the introduction of a new measurement technique (sonic wind sensor), the investigation for improvement of precipitation detection and discrimination of precipitation type (TeNSor), and the evaluation of a new sensor system (NubiScope) for cloud measurements.

Bibliografische gegevens

MJ de Haij, WMF Wauben. Recent developments in KNMI’s surface observing methods
Journal: KNMI Kenniscentrum, Year: 2010

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