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Reconstructing the cosmic ray energy spectrum with HiSPARC

K. van Dam

The high school project on astrophysics research with cosmics (HiSPARC) employs a large number of small detection stations that sample the footprint of extensive cosmic ray air showers. The cosmic ray energy spectrum between 1016–1019 eV is reconstructed by combining data from multiple four-detector stations located at the Amsterdam Science Park. The obtained cosmic ray flux values agree well with data from other experiments. Also the value of the slope (−3.08 ± 0.02) matches the literature value. Additionally, a new method is presented in which a single two-detector station is used to probe the cosmic ray energy spectrum at a complementary energy regime between 1012–1016 eV. The flux values and its slope value (−2.71 ± 0.07) are in good agreement with literature data. However, numerous simplifying assumptions bring about large systematic uncertainties which are not well quantified. The possibility to reconstruct the cosmic ray energy spectrum augments HiSPARC’s primary goal, which is to engage high school students with modern physics and let them contribute to real scientific research.

Bibliografische gegevens

K. van Dam. Reconstructing the cosmic ray energy spectrum with HiSPARC
Journal: Astroparticle Physics, Volume: 143, Year: 2022, First page: 102747, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.astropartphys.2022.102747

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