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Report on CPP retrievals and assistance to the field experiments (WP22) (HAIC Deliverable D32.3)

ATJ de Laat, JF Meirink

The KNMI CPP algorithm was used to support the HAIC A340 campaign held in January 2016 – the third HAIC flight experiment. It was adapted to newly available geostationary satellite data of the Japanese HIMAWARI-8 instrument in support of the research flights in the region of Darwin, Australia, while for the research flights over Reunion Island and east of Madagascar, the HAIC Operation Center used the KNMI CPP algorithm already developed for MSG during the activities in relation with the deliverables D32.1 and D32.2.
The main efforts consisted of setting up an operational data stream of AHI level 0 data from JAXA to KNMI, applying the level 0 to level 1 algorithms to the data (algorithms freely provided by JAXA), modifying the CPP algorithm for ingesting and processing HIMAWARI data, applying the CPP algorithm and on the AHI level 1 data, determining the CPP High IWC mask, and making the HIMAWARI-CPP data operationally available via the KNMI CPP web portal.
No specific activity was performed concerning MSG-SEVIRI CPP algorithm as everything was already set up as demonstrated in D32.1 and D32.2 reports.
This was the first time ever that the CPP algorithm was applied to satellite measurements other than SEVIRI, and could be considered an ”out of sample” test of CPP. The results were very encouraging, even though the first evaluation of the HIM-CPP results prior and during the campaign was only qualitative. Nevertheless, the HIMAWARI-CPP and MSG-CPP results were successfully used in the HAIC A340 field campaign planning. Performance evaluation of the HIM-CPP and MSG-CPP products in detecting High IWC cloud regions will be assessed in D32.4/D32.5.

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ATJ de Laat, JF Meirink. Report on CPP retrievals and assistance to the field experiments (WP22) (HAIC Deliverable D32.3)
Year: 2016

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