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SATVIEW : a semi-physical scatterometer algorithm

JAM Janssen, H Wallbrink

A long term objective of scatterometry is to uncover its underlying physics.
The route to achieve this is dotted with numerous pitfalls, as has been established by several extensive studies.
Also KNMI prominently supported one of those studies by developing a proto-type scatterometer algorithm.
The merits and demerits of this VIERS model will be recapitulated.
The SATVIEW study was intended to eliminate, or and least mitigate, the remaining problem from which the successive cycles of the VIERS algorithm still suffered.
The present report gives an account of the possible solutions and the benefits obtained.

Bibliografische gegevens

JAM Janssen, H Wallbrink. SATVIEW : a semi-physical scatterometer algorithm
KNMI number: WR-97-03, Year: 1997, Pages: 0

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