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The NL-SCIA-DC status and future

WJ Som de Cerff, J van de Vegte, IA van der Neut, RM van Hees

The development of the Netherlands Sciamachy Data Center (NL-SCIA-DC) is driven by a clear need of the user community for: improved access to the data (GOME and Sciamachy), sustained production of Dutch products, using Dutch algorithms and sustained distribution of these products. The project started in 1995 and really took off in the Neonet program (1997 2000) as Netherlands Sciamachy Data Center (NL-SCIADC). For the development an evolutionary approach with short development cycles and intense user involvement was used. This guaranteed the user requirements and development to be in line. The user interface provides three search methods: catalogue file level search, queries on pixel level and browse visualization of data products. The selected data can be processed or downloaded. For the search capabilities meta-databases are used. The user interface is available as applet in a browser or as a stand-alone application, both using the Internet to connect to the data center server. The result is a well-used data center, containing over 4 Terabyte of data (GOME and Sciamachy), with over 80 users from 33 organizations in 12 countries. The next generation of the NL-SCIA-DC is currently being implemented. It will provide several user requested improvements: such as the possibility for multiple file manipulation and even better user support. The future plans include provision of related data products from MERIS and AATSR; cloud and aerosol information are vital for correct interpretation of trace gas retrievals. As current and future developments will invoke the need for more processing capabilities, GRID technology will be used to provide this and the cooperation between KNMI and SRON will be extended to SARA and NIKHEF.

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WJ Som de Cerff, J van de Vegte, IA van der Neut, RM van Hees. The NL-SCIA-DC status and future
Conference: Aardobservatie Toegepast, Symposium Nationaal Programm Gebruikersondersteuning (GO), Organisation: NIVR, Place: Utrecht, First page: 0, Last page: 0

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