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Towards an Improved Ku-Band Scatterometer Wind Product

J Figa, A Stoffelen

The EUMETSAT NSCAT Fellowship has been carried out at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) in De Bilt (The Netherlands), within the research group of the Satellite Data group of the Observations and Modelling department. The project started in February 1997 and had a duration of two years. The main goal during that time has been to get acquainted with Ku-band scatterometry and NSCAT in particular, using the experience gained in Europe through the ERS scatterometer missions.

The American scatterometer missions present a bridge to cover the gap between present and future European scatterometers. Therefore, EUMETSAT and KNMI invest through this and the QuikSCAT fellowship (starting February 99) in gaining knowledge on the use of Ku-band scatterometer data and the operational assimilation of scatterometer winds for weather forecasting. By doing so, the European involvement in spaceborne scatterometry and its application is ensured for the benefit of the European meteorological community.

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J Figa, A Stoffelen. Towards an Improved Ku-Band Scatterometer Wind Product
Year: 1999

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