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Upper Air Climatology of EHAM-FIR, Part 2, below 850 hPa.

G Groen, D Wolters

This report presents upper-air climatology for the lower troposphere (below 850 hPa
or 1.5 km) for the Schiphol Area of the Flight Information Region of the Netherlands
(EHAM-FIR). The climatology is produced under the program Kennis-voor-Klimaatproject
Climatology and Climate scenarios for Hotspot Mainport Schiphol, HSMS02
on request of Air Trac Control the Netherlands (LVNL). Climatology of the upper
troposhere, 850 tot150 hPa, is presented in part 1.
The climatology below 1.5 km is based on ERA-Interim atmospheric reanalysis,
period 1989-2009.
As in part 1, the results of ERA-Interim are (in overlapping period) compared with
other sources:
. reanalysis of HIRLAM (2003-2005)
. radiosonde soundings from De Bilt (1989-2009)
. Cabauw-observations (1986-2009, break in 1997-2000)
. OWEZ-observations (2005-2009)
ERA-Interim is a state-of-the-art reanalysis-project of the European Centre for Medium
Range Weather Forecast ECMWF, HIRLAM is the operational high resolution
model of KNMI and Cabauw and OWEZ are meteorological masts in the centre-part
of the Netherlands and o-shore near Egmond aan Zee.
Results of these comparisons indicate the agreement between the dierent sources.

Bibliografische gegevens

G Groen, D Wolters. Upper Air Climatology of EHAM-FIR, Part 2, below 850 hPa.
Year: 2010

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