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J Bessembinder, B Overbeek, E Min

The central theme of the Autumn School was dealing with and communicating about uncertainties, in climate- and socio-economic scenarios, in impact models and in the decision making process. Together we have worked on the development of a common frame of reference for the use of scenarios and dealing with uncertainties.
The Autumn School was organised by KNMI in partnership with the other consortia of the Knowledge for Climate Research Programme. KNMI is consortium leader of Theme 6: High Quality Climate Projections, but the aim of the Autumn School was to search for common ground between the different themes (and outside of the Knowledge for Climate Programme) on the subject of uncertainties.

The website contain the presentations, the common frame of reference that was prepared after the Autumn school and background documents.

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J Bessembinder, B Overbeek, E Min. Website Autumn school
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