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WFCatalog: a catalogue for seismological waveform data

L Trani, M Koymans, M P Atkinson, R Sleeman, R Filgueira

This paper reports the advances in seismic waveform description and discovery leading to a new seismological service and presents the key steps in its design, implementation and adoption. This service, named WFCatalog, which stands for waveform catalogue, accommodates features of seismological waveform data. Therefore, it meets the need for
5 seismologists to be able to select waveform data based on seismic waveform features as well as sensor geolocations and temporal specifications. We describe the collaborative design methods and the technical solution showing the central role of seismic feature catalogues in framing the technical and operational delivery of the new service. Also, we provide an overview of the complex environment wherein this endeavour is scoped and the related challenges discussed. As multi-disciplinary, multi-organisational and global collaboration is necessary to address today’s challenges, canonical representations can provide focus for collaboration and conceptual tools for agreeing directions. Such collaborations can be fostered and formalised by rallying intellectual effort into the design of novel scientific catalogues and the services that support them. This work offers an example of the
benefits generated by involving cross-disciplinary skills (e.g. data and domain expertise) since the early stages of design, and by sustaining the engagement with the target community throughout the delivery and deployment process.

Bibliografische gegevens

L Trani, M Koymans, M P Atkinson, R Sleeman, R Filgueira. WFCatalog: a catalogue for seismological waveform data
Status: submitted, Journal: Computers & Geosciences, Year: 2016

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