Dewi le Bars

Dewi le Bars

Climate research scientist
R&D Weather and Climate Modeling

About me

I studied numerical modelling of mechanical systems at ENSEIRB-MATMECA, a french engineering school, and received a master degree in environmental modelling from the university of Bordeaux 1 in 2009. I obtained a PhD in Physical Oceanography from Utrecht University in 2014, supervised by prof. dr. W.P.M de Ruijter and prof. dr. H. Dijkstra. After a post-doc at Utrecht University, I joined KNMI in 2015 where I am now working on sea level rise.


My main interest is to make long term sea level rise projections for the Dutch coast and for the whole world. This knowledge is key to help society make choices to avoid risk and to adapt to a changing climate. With this goal in mind I have a large range of scientific interests: global ocean heat uptake and following thermal expansion, melting of ice sheets and glaciers, decadal modes of climate variability, Antarctic sea ice, tides and waves.