Elmer  Ruigrok

Elmer Ruigrok

Senior seismologist
R&D Seismology and Acoustics

About me

My job title reads senior seismologist at KNMI and assistant professor at Utrecht University. I study vibrations of the Earth to better understand what is going on below our feet. I am applying existing imaging techniques to unravel Earth structure and sources of seismic wavefields in the Dutch subsurface. At the same time, I am developing and testing new methods to address both local and global research questions. Being both at KNMI and at Utrecht University, I have the pleasure to work with many gifted researchers, students and IT specialists and there are short lines of communication to bring new research insights to operations at KNMI. Recent and ongoing projects include: 1. A near-surface velocity model in Groningen from boreholes seismic interferometry; 2. A seismic reflection image from crust to core below Japan; 3. Cluster analysis and relocation in the Groningen gas field; 4. Estimation of the Earth's rotation from the polarization of shear waves; 5: Enhanced seismograms from borehole arrays.