Ine  Wijnant

Ine Wijnant

R&D Waarnemingen en Datatechnologie

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I work on improving KNMI’s wind measurements and wind climate for offshore wind energy (e.g. WINS50-project). I am a former (maritime) weather forecaster and involved in advisory work on e.g. coastal defense. I also chair the wind group. Wind group meetings (every 2 months 2 presentations about wind) started in 2013, just for people at KNMI in different groups (people working on modelling, measuring and forecasting wind). The group gradually got bigger, with lots of PhD-students joining from different Dutch universities. The meetings started to be online due to corona and this meant a boost for the number of people attending the meetings. We are now (2021) with about 50 people, some also from abroad. The idea is that we talk about the content of our work, share ideas, give feedback (preferably work gets presented that is not finished) and help where we can.