Jos de Laat

Jos de Laat

Research scientist
R&D Satellite Observations

About me

I am a research scientist with 15+ years of experience on atmospheric composition research with a focus on remote sensing. Apart from doing research, I am also involved in a number of other activities that in essence focus on improving the organisation and organisational culture, and innovation and exploration of new and/or emerging research topics. Finally, I represent KNMI and the research group R&D Satellites in several (inter)national gremia and cooperations. Among them are being a co-author of the 2014 WMO Ozone Assessment Report (Chapter 3 on Polar Ozone)


During my years at KNMI I have been involved in the following projects: ;- NL GO project on assmilation of ozone profiles - NL SCIAVISIE project on validation of SCIAMACHY Carbon Monoxide (in cooperation with SRON) - EU EVOSS project on volcanic emissions and volcano monitoring (polar orbiting instruments like OMI, SCIAMACHY, GOME2; geostationary SEVIRI instrument) ;I am currently involved in the following projects: ;- EU HAIC project on identification and characterization of hazardous icing conditions for aviation (focus: remote sensing, geostationary SEVIRI instrument) - NL TROPOMI validation Plan


Over the years I have covered a wide variety of research topics resulting in many scientific publications. ;- validation of SCIAMACHY CO - long term trends in satellite measurements of CO - CO emission estimates derived from satellite measurements ;- UV radiation and Antarctic Ozone Hole dynamics - total ozone column variability and attribution - validation and interpretation of satellite measurements of ozone profiles - retrieving tropospheric ozone columns via a neural network - Antarctic Ozone Hole dynamics - Antarctic Ozone Hole recovery ;- long range transport of biomass burning plumes - chemistry transport modelling (TM5) ;- aviation icing conditions in geostationary satellite data ;- temperure trends and time series analysis - changes in incoming shortwave radiation and temperature trends - spatial patterns in temperature trends and urbanization - effects of waste heat on climate ;- assessment of climate model simulations: a philosophical point of view