Mario  Echeverri Bautista

Mario Echeverri Bautista

Research Data Scientist
R&D Satellite Observations

About me

I got my BSc. in Electronics Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 2009; shortly after I moved to Italy to get my MSc and PhD in Applied Electromagnetics from the Politecnico di Torino. During my PhD. studies I carried on my research period abroad at the Applied Mathematics Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2014-2015. I moved to Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 2016 to work at ASML where I was involved in Scientific Software and Machine Learning development. In April 2020 I started at KNMI, as a Research Data Scientist; my activities include the application of modern data science tooling for the analysis and use of satellite data. I am also passionate about open data science which is practicable/usable in state-of-the-art Earth Observation systems. I am member of KNMI's Data Science Team, which has been recently kickstarted; at the DST we hope to thrive as a leader team that aggregates as much as possible the knowledge and applications of up-to-date data science at KNMI. The DST initial aim is to become an internal referent in terms of data science that can facilitate and provide tangible assistance throughout KNMI's hierarchy (i.e. from Research Scientists to Management).


Wind Retrievals; the baseline of my activity is to develop a retrieval tool that uses Brightness Temperatures from onboard radiometers as inputs and that outputs atmospheric variables as Near Surface Wind Speeds. On a higher level my activity spans from the efficient implementation of the retrieval tool (based on Optimal Estimation theory, Rodgers 2000) to the proper implementation of a data pipeline that can handle current data streams (e.g. a huge amount of data flowing from present and future onboard instruments). My goal is to be able to provide efficient, open source, present-day software tools that are easily maintained and transferable in the context internal or external collaboration. At the same time, I aim to use as much as possible stablished open source tools, in order to speed-up developments via collaborative development.


My research and development activities include: Scientific Programming, Numerical Mathematics, Algorithm Design and Implementation and Data Analysis and Processing. Data Science is just a cool state-of-the-art name for all of that.