Twan van Noije

Twan van Noije

Research scientist
R&D Weather and Climate Modeling

About me

My research focuses on the role of short-lived climate forcers in Earth's climate system. I develop global models to simulate the chemical composition of the atmosphere in interaction with the physical climate and other components of the Earth system. I use these models to study the global and regional climate effects of aerosols, tropospheric ozone, and precursor gases.


I contribute to the development of the European consortium global climate model EC-Earth. I am chair of the working group on atmospheric composition. I have been responsible for the development of the CMIP6 model configuration with interactive aerosols and atmospheric chemistry (EC-Earth3-AerChem), and its application in CMIP6 and AerChemMIP. One of the components of EC-Earth3-AerChem is the chemistry and transport model TM5. I have contributed to the development of TM5, and I am part of the TM5 steering committee. Current activities are aimed at the development of EC-Earth4 and the integration of atmospheric composition modules in OpenIFS, the atmospheric model of EC-Earth4. This entails the introduction of a modal aerosol scheme with state-of-the-art descriptions of aerosol–radiation and aerosol–cloud interactions. With regard to atmospheric chemistry, we aim to have different configurations: one with simplified chemistry using prescribed oxidant concentrations and one or more with more comprehensive interactive chemistry based on tropospheric and stratospheric schemes developed within the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) programme. Over the years I have participated in projects such as RETRO, AMMA, ACCENT-MIP, a Royal Society study on ground-level ozone, CLIMAQS, ACCMIP, and CRESCENDO. I am currently part of the EU Horizon 2020 project FORCeS and the Horizon Europe projects FOCI, OptimESM, and CERTAINTY. I am also active in AeroCom.


Please have a look at my publications in the KNMI database or on Google Scholar.