Twan van Noije

Twan van Noije

Research scientist
R&D Weather and Climate Modeling

About me

My research focuses on the role of short-lived climate forcers in Earth's climate system. I develop global models to simulate the chemical composition of the atmosphere in interaction with the physical climate and other components of the Earth system. I use these models to study the global and regional climate effects of aerosols, tropospheric ozone, and precursor gases.


I contribute to the development of the European consortium global climate model EC-Earth. I am chair of the working group on atmospheric composition. In recent years I have been responsible for the development of the CMIP6 model configuration with interactive aerosols and atmospheric chemistry (EC-Earth3-AerChem), and its application in CMIP6 and AerChemMIP. One of the components of EC-Earth3-AerChem is the chemistry and transport model TM5. I contribute to the development of TM5, and I am part of the TM5 steering committee. Over the years I have participated in projects such as RETRO, AMMA, ACCENT-MIP, a Royal Society study on ground-level ozone, CLIMAQS, ACCMIP, and CRESCENDO. I am currently part of the EU Horizon 2020 project FORCeS and the Horizon Europe projects FOCI, OptimESM, and CERTAINTY. I am also active in AeroCom.


Please have a look at my publications in the KNMI database or on Google Scholar.