Zhen  Li

Zhen Li

Research scientist
R&D Satellite Observations

About me

I obtained my PhD in Bremen University, Germany and started working at KNMI afterwards. Current projects are mainly related to rotating fan-beam scatterometer: CFOSAT (Chinese-French Oceanography Satellite) and WindRAD.


The goal for both CFOSAT and FY-3E is to monitor the ocean surface winds and waves to provide combined data for ocean and atmospheric applications. The wind scatterometer, briefly called CSCAT, onboard of CFOSAT is the first rotating fan-beam scatterometer. WindRAD onboard FY-3E is a dual frequency rotating fan-beam scatterometer, it carries both C-band and Ku-band antenna which gives more observations comparing to the other scatterometer instruments. The projects include following aspects (but not only): - Cal/Val, ocean calibration, validation of backscatter and wind data, including assessment of rain contamination; - Weather and wave forecast impact assessment in global ECMWF and Météo-France, weather model and regional Aladin-Réunion models; - Inclusion in the SAF global monitoring facilities of Near-Real Time (NRT) products; - Synergetic use in global mesoscale L4 products, which in turn are tested in ocean model forcing; - Provision of a wind stress model.