How to contact KNMI

KNMI - Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute - is situated in De Bilt near the city of Utrecht and is easy to reach by bus or car.

Visiting and postal address

Utrechtseweg 297
NL-3731 GA De Bilt

Telephone +31 30 2206 911


Transport to KNMI

By train and bus

First take a intercity train to Utrecht Central Station. These trains from Schiphol Airport run four times per hour. Note that you do not travel to or through Amsterdam Central Station. Detailed train travel information can be obtained via

Next, take a bus from Utrecht Central Station (exit 'Jaarbeurszijde') to De Bilt, and exit at the bus stop 'Tunneltje De Bilt'. Take one of the following buses (direction): 50 (Wageningen), 51 (Driebergen-Zeist), 251 (Zeist), 52 (Amersfoort), 53 (Zeist), 74 (Zeist). 

In all trains and buses, you can use an electronic ticket, called OV-chipkaart. With the OV-chipkaart, you have to check in at the start of your journey and check out at the end. Note that you have to do this for each transporter seperately. So when you change from train to bus, you have to check out at the train station and check in in the bus.

For infrequent travellers, the train company sells paper chipcards that are valid for one day only, and only in the train. Note that you still have to check in and out. The buses in Utrecht also still sell paper tickets (pin only). Frequent travellers can also buy a plastic OV-chipcard (valid in train and bus). You have to put at least €20 on this card when you want to travel by train. This plastic card remains valid up to 5 years.

By Taxi

You can take a taxi at Schiphol directly to KNMI, operated by the Utrechtse Taxi Centrale (UTC) at a cost of €69 (1-4 persons).

Questions and information

KNMI receives questions about various subjects. This site provides answers to many questions relating to weather, climate research and seismology.

Current forecasts including weather warnings and radar images, news items and links to other subjects including past weather, climate, research and seismology can be found on the homepage (only in Dutch language).

For media only

The KNMI press officers can be reached by:
Telephone: +31 (0)6 53 21 43 64