Coastal waters

The weatherforecast for Netherlands coastal waters and adjacent lakes and estuaries.

Issued: 10 august 2020 03:26 UTC

A warning to shipping:

There are no warnings.



high over the Norwegian Sea moving towards the north of Scandinavia. low over the central of France is almost stationary.

Forecast valid from 06:00 to 18:00 UTC:

Flushing Zierikzee Hook of Holland Delfzijl Harlingen
northeast 3-4, visibility good

IJmuiden Texel Rottum
northeast 3-4, first possibly 5, visibility good

IJsselmeer Marken
northeast 3-4,in showers risk gusts up to 30 knots,later risk shower, possibly with thunder, visibility good, moderate in precipitation

Forecast valid from 18:00 to 06:00 UTC:

Flushing Zierikzee Hook of Holland IJmuiden Texel Rottum Delfzijl Harlingen IJsselmeer Marken
northeast 3-4, veering east, visibility good

Next forecast will be approximately issued at Monday 10 august 2020 12.00 UTC.